Fans of ‘Seeker Daily’ revolt, take over abandoned Twitter account

Two days ago, I wrote of the abandonment of the NowThis YouTube channel. A group of fans have taken over the Twitter account of the channel’s predecessor — Seeker Daily.

It seems that the Twitter handle @SeekerDaily was made available at some point in early May — the original account was likely deleted or renamed. However, the descriptions of a large portion of Seeker Daily’s back catalogue continue to link to this now-fan run account.

The account proclaims that the operators will only give up the handle if the series is brought back. The likelihood of this happening is slim and it doesn’t seem that Group Nine Media, the new owner of the Seeker brand, is interested.

NowThis also controversially took over SourceFedNerd, another former Discovery property. Dubbing it NowThis Nerd, fans of SFN left en masse and those who have stayed have complained that the channel isn’t being updated. Fans of SFN have similarly registered the @nowthisnerd Twitter handle to prevent NowThis from registering it.

It looks like Group Nine, a joint-venture that Discovery could buyout if it does well, is off to a good start — but not in the way they would’ve hoped.

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