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  • AEC Twitter experiment outrages election conspiracy theorists

    AEC Twitter experiment outrages election conspiracy theorists

    The Australian Electoral Commission has logged on, and both drips and antivaxxers are outside the window shouting at them to log off. (Show yourselves, cowards!) Misinformation about voting is clearly at the top of the minds of election administrators around the world. The culture war is truly transnational and nonsense about Dominion voting machines, elections […]

  • Fans of ‘Seeker Daily’ revolt, take over abandoned Twitter account

    Two days ago, I wrote of the abandonment of the NowThis YouTube channel. A group of fans have taken over the Twitter account of the channel’s predecessor — Seeker Daily. It seems that the Twitter handle @SeekerDaily was made available at some point in early May — the original account was likely deleted or renamed. However, the descriptions of […]

  • NowThis News goes silent after controversial rebrand

    Over two months after Group Nine Media controversially rebranded YouTube news channel Seeker Daily in keeping with their NowThis brand, the channel has gone dormant. The channel has not published videos in over a month and 15 days. The channel previously uploaded near-daily. The average approval rating of the channel’s videos experienced a sharp drop from ~80% to a […]